Diverse Experiences

Inspiring Students to Participate

We don’t just want to sell seedlings, we want buyers to witness the real personal growth and community impact of each seedling. We're selling the promise and potential in every student and a future with opportunities that many didn't realize they had. Every seedling that a student sell drives the development of practical skills, business ability and financial literacy.

Beyond the planting of trees, we want buyers to see how participants manage an end-to-end business model, coordinating all aspects of tree growth and cultivation, marketing, and distribution. When schools, business and community leaders support GHA programs, they’re helping to produce green industry champions and future environmental stewards.

Sponsoring a seedling is the all-important catalyst for success – but just the tip of the iceberg. Your support funds a comprehensive skill-building series of workshops, membership programs, certificate programs, co-op placements, and community service hours. Discover what GHA has to offer...


Tree Planting Programs that Empower Everyone at Every Level

Tree Team Green Legacy Program


A GHA Experience is Multi-Level Rewarding

All in a Day’s Workshops


Hands-on, Practical Training and Skills Development

Certificate Programs


Validated Learning and Application of Skills

Passport Membership Program


Grow Your Skills at GHA!

Specialist High Skills Major (SHSM)

SHSMs are available in the following 19 sectors:


Arts and Culture





Food Processing


Health and Wellness

Horticulture and Landscaping

Hospitality and Tourism

Information and Communications Technology

Justice, Safety and Emergency Services






A GHA Experience is Multi-Level Rewarding

What to Expect

On the first day, participants tour the facility and meet the team, learn safety in the workplace, and map interest, skills and passions to possible careers. The days are full of interactive activities requiring teamwork, problem solving and communications under the mentorship of local business people, community leaders and participant leaders.

Valuable Knowledge

• Conflict Resolution

• Decision Making and Reasoning

• Relationship and Self Management

• Gathering, Evaluating and Managing

Enduring Qualities

• Perseverance

• Employer Connections

• Sense of accomplishment

What I Gained

“In my training, I learned a lot about myself. I have developed strengths and gained confidence in my abilities. I feel more comfortable speaking as a leader amongst my peers and feel more confident when speaking with an employer. I am ready for employment and a new challenge. I am proud of my accomplishment at GHA!”

Andrew Taylor

Program Participant, 2020

Monday to Friday 8am - 4pm
Saturday by Appointment Only

Greenhouse Academy is a not-for-profit social enterprise providing hands-on skills development programs that empower participants to nurture a community legacy and equip youth to be future-ready.

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