Growing the Future Together

Whether you’re a local, regional or multinational business, we're interested in partnering with you. GHA Programs accommodate thousands of students each year, all of whom are current customers and future families of consumers that will drive our economy for decades. Please consider working with GHA as a tree sponsor and be the catalyst for our programs and new leaders.

Want to contribute?

The generous act of sponsoring seedlings delivers community-connected experiential learning, grows environmental stewardship and equips youth in our community with business basics. Greenhouse Academy provides hands-on learning programs in business and financial literacy, giving participants opportunities that reinforce positive, success-based lessons. Every tree is planned, grown and managed by youth in GHA programs…meaning every tree that is sponsored helps subsidize GHA programs and a wide range of educational and social training programs for thousands of students from our community.

What Your Support Does for the Program

When a tree sponsor joins the team, it activates an impressive production cycle beginning even with the selection of a seed zone for the trees. Encompassing the negotiation of the purchase of seed from a distributing source and every aspect of planning and production like seeding, irrigating, maintenance, facility service, transplanting, packaging, inventory management, students are engaged and managing the project. Even administrative and promotion tasks including community outreach, budgeting, marketing, donation inventory management, delivery, cooperation with conservation authorities for planting, community partnership and team member liaison is part of their experience and skills development.

With a growing cycle that lasts up to two years from seed, the multitude of interactions, transactions, and collaborations that our students experience exposes them to a significant range of business skills. Leadership, communication, critical thinking, and accountability are key student metrics while sponsors get the satisfaction of doing great things for our community and environment. Ultimately, the best payoff is inspiring and enabling a young person that could be another one of Ontario’s next business leaders.

Additionally, every tree sponsor of 5,000 trees or more is permanently displayed on our “future builder” recognition wall in the GHA facility. This helps students to know what kinds of companies align with their values, and who they might consider for future opportunities.

Design Your Partnership

Whatever Partnership Looks Like to Your Company, You’ll Be in Good Company

“What a fantastic way to meet future employment prospects in multiple fields of focus. We’re excited to meet the next generation of the region’s labour pool and discover what types of energy and skill sets we can cultivate for our own business needs.”

Dave Leff Owner/Manager, TLC Landscaping

“Having been a part of GHA’s training workshops and observed the work and teachings that goes into delivering the training, TRY Recycling is impressed with both the organization of the 6-week certificate program and quality/caliber of skills that each participant gains. We are proud to support the training of the next generation workforce and recognize the value received by the certificate holders. When a prospective employee has Greenhouse Academy on their resume, we know they have practical employment readiness training, which is extremely attractive to us from a hiring perspective.”

Jim Graham President, TRY Recycling Copy

“When we were asked about collaborating with the Greenhouse Academy it was truly a no-brainer. For our company to have the opportunity to participate and share our business with eager, knowledge-hungry youth is a good thing. With the search for qualified team members getting harder every year, we don’t think it’s ever too soon to start cultivating career paths and sharing a bit of what makes our work enjoyable and rewarding. The kids were focused, friendly and happy to get dirty to add value to the greenhouse and see the fruits of their efforts.”

Rob Brown, Sales Representative, BlueJay Irrigation Copy

“Sheridan Nurseries is recognized as one of Canada’s Greenest Employers (2020) and is Canada’s largest, fully integrated garden centre, retailer and grower. We employ approximately 280 full-time employees, rising to around 1,000 each spring. This means we see thousands of resumes every year. Knowing that someone has had specific training that reflects our environment is extremely valuable to us. We immediately know that they will understand our needs from plant treatment to customer service. We support GHA and its training program because we know it is an investment in our future team.”

Mary Jane Ash, Norval Propagation Manager, Sheridan Nurseries Copy


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Greenhouse Academy is a not-for-profit social enterprise providing hands-on skills development programs that empower participants to nurture a community legacy and equip youth to be future-ready.

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