Tailored to You

Greenhouse Academy works with different organizations creating experiences within our programs to suit specific needs and outcomes. We know that a one-size-fits-all program will not achieve the same outcome for all involved. Whether within the context of a school board initiative, employment support agency, or developmental services agency, GHA collaborates with the organization and individual to ensure a barrier free, positive, productive experience. We recognize the potential in everyone, and we want to help them discover it and believe in themselves.

We’re genuinely humbled by partners that come forward to add expertise, energy and value toward a common goal: to give students the opportunity, skill sets and experience in business and social enterprise so that they can in turn enrich society with contributions that improve our communities. We thank all involved for aligning their vision with GHA and look forward to forging new partnerships.

“WDDS participants have attended GHA several times to take part in physical activities and skills development. Working alongside students of the Thames Valley District School Board, our students have shown a real passion for their work and continue to take on more responsibility in a wide range of tasks. Endless hands-on experience with distinct, repetitive and important jobs combined with the therapeutic nature of horticultural work has proven to be an invaluable experience.”

Sharon Burton

Support Worker, Woodstock District Development Services

Monday to Friday 8am - 4pm
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Greenhouse Academy is a not-for-profit social enterprise providing hands-on skills development programs that empower participants to nurture a community legacy and equip youth to be future-ready.

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