Our Story

Greenhouse Academy was created to address an acknowledged need for practical learning opportunities in environmental stewardship, and community building. GHA provides hands-on learning experiences designed to equip the workforce of tomorrow with practical and emotional business skills. Through a variety of programs, we encourage innovation and reinforce positive success-based lessons.

As a registered not for profit social enterprise, we operate as a tree nursery in which every tree is planned, grown, and managed by youth in GHA programs. To do this we solicit partners and sponsors to aid in the purchase of seedlings creating a dual benefit: every tree sponsored helps subsidize a wide range of educational and social training programs for thousands of students each year, and, 100% of the seedlings grown in our sponsorship programs are donated to the community for beatification, conservation, and naturalization projects. It's a true win-win.
  • Every seedling purchased helps generate training for GHA Participants making them stronger candidates for any future endeavour.
  • The entire cycle of reforestation (seeding to planting) generates multiple jobs and provides much needed economic stimulation
  • Climate change underscores the ongoing importance of replenishing our green space and reducing C02 emissions for today’s youth and future generations


Students participate under the instruction and mentorship of local professionals and community leaders and in process develop leadership and communication skills through engagement with real, potential employer scenarios. They learn skills, have fun, and build confidence at every step.
Community Support

What the Community is Saying

“In my training, I learned a lot about myself. I have developed strengths and gained confidence in my abilities. I feel more comfortable speaking as a leader amongst my peers and feel more confident when speaking with an employer. I am ready for employment and a new challenge. I am proud of my accomplishment at GHA!”

Andrew Taylor

Program Participant, 2020

“I wanted to thank you and your staff once again for the incredible work in establishing the Greenhouse Academy. The initiative has been beneficial for our students and staff in so many ways. We are the envy of the province, and we are hopeful that we will be able to use some design principles with other like-minded organizations. I realize that it takes special individuals to work with our students, while investing time and resources. It is very much appreciated and I am hopeful that we will be able to continue with the initiative for a long time.”

Laura Elliott

Former Director of Education, 2018

“Once a week for the past three months, members of the WDDS have visited the Greenhouse Academy to take part in physical activities and skills development. Working alongside students of the Thames Valley District School Board, the WDDS participants have shown a real passion for their work and continue to take on more responsibility in a wide range of greenhouse tasks. Endless hands-on experience with distinct, repetitive and important jobs combined with the therapeutic nature of horticultural work has proven to be an invaluable experience for our great partners at WDDS.”

Sharon Burton

Support Worker, WDDS

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Email: info@greenhouseacademy.ca

Telephone: 519-268-8777

Come visit us at:
5101 Dundas Street East
Thames Centre, Ontario N0M 2P0


Monday to Friday 8am - 4pm
Saturday by Appointment Only

Greenhouse Academy is a not-for-profit social enterprise providing hands-on skills development programs that empower participants to nurture a community legacy and equip youth to be future-ready.

Greenhouse Academy